ChatGPT Helped Me Date Someone

Nolan Clarke
3 min readDec 21, 2023

At 30, with a knack for embracing technology in almost every facet of life, I never imagined I’d turn to AI to navigate the unpredictable waters of dating. Yet, here I am, recounting one of the most intriguing chapters of my life. I’ve meticulously documented various aspects of my journey, from professional endeavors to personal milestones. But this year, I embarked on a novel experiment: allowing AI to orchestrate my romantic conversations.

The idea dawned on me one quiet evening. I thought, “If algorithms can curate my playlists and streamline my work, why not apply AI to my quest for love?” I was already entrusting machines with choices about my lifestyle, so why not with words of affection?

The experiment began with ChatGPT analyzing messages from potential dates. It was more than just crafting replies; it was about discerning emotions and intentions behind every word. Initially, it felt like having an intuitive confidant, subtly nudging me with clever quips and thoughtful questions. The suggestions were an eclectic mix, humorously aligning with my penchant for introspective and witty exchanges.

As the days passed, ChatGPT started mirroring my communication style. It adapted to my penchant for thought-provoking queries and my unique sense of humor. Soon, it was suggesting lines that sounded uncannily like my own words, but with an extra layer of finesse. It was as if I was watching a more eloquent version of myself in conversation, and to my surprise, it was effective. The dialogues were smoother, and I found myself delving into meaningful discussions with an ease I hadn’t experienced before.

One encounter stands out vividly. I met Sarah, an adventure enthusiast, and our conversation naturally drifted towards our shared passion for the outdoors. Guided by AI, I suggested a hiking spot renowned for its sunrise views — a place I knew but wouldn’t have mentioned so spontaneously. She was instantly captivated, and just like that, our first date was set.

The hike was a dream. Our camaraderie felt effortless, as if we had known each other for years. However, amidst the laughter and shared moments, a niggling thought persisted. Was it really me she was connecting with, or the polished persona ChatGPT had created?

This question marked a turning point. I contemplated the authenticity of our interactions and the fairness of the situation. AI, for all its analytical prowess, couldn’t grasp the intricacies of human feelings. It could simulate and suggest, but not empathize.

I decided to disengage ChatGPT, determined to continue the conversation on my own terms. The transition was subtle but significant. My replies became more spontaneous, less refined, but undeniably real. To my relief, the bond with Sarah didn’t waver; it evolved into something more profound and genuine.

As the year draws to a close, I reflect on this AI-assisted foray into dating. It was an enlightening journey, offering a glimpse into a future where technology intertwines with the most human of experiences. But it also reaffirmed the irreplaceable value of authenticity and the unique beauty of human connection. I’ve chosen to step away from using ChatGPT for dating, embracing my quirks and idiosyncrasies in conversation.

For those curious about blending AI with dating, view it as an assistant, not a substitute. Let it inspire, but never let it overshadow your true self. In the end, the most meaningful connections are those where you can be completely yourself, imperfections included. Looking ahead, I’m excited for more shared sunrises, genuine laughter, and embracing life’s pace — whether it calls for a brisk walk or a leisurely stroll to reflect and appreciate.



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